At the age of eighteen Branka Cubrilo wrote her first novel I Knew Jane Eyre, which won the Young Writers Award in 1982. Soon after she wrote a sequel called Looking for Jane Eyre.

In 1999 Branka published the book Fiume Corre – Rijeka Tece, a year later Requiem for Barbara and in 2001 Little Lies – Big Lies (as a part of a trilogy called Spanish Stories for which she obtained a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to research the cultural and historical settings of Cadiz in Andalusia).

The Lonely Poet and Other Stories is Branka’s third book published in English by Speaking Volumes, following her earlier novels The Mosaic of the Broken Soul (2011) and Fiume – The Lost River (2014). Branka’s latest novel Dethroned will be published with the same publisher in 2017.

Apart from writing novels, over the last two decades, Branka worked as a radio producer and presenter at Special Broadcasting Services (SBS) Australia and wrote articles and short stories for various print and online magazines worldwide.

Branka is fluent in three languages (English, Italian and Croatian) and she works as an interpreter and translator.

Branka has been living in Sydney with her daughter Althea since 1992.

Now she predominantly writes in English and translates her earlier works into English.